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Same come-on and others have described. A rep (name withheld) called my home and said my daughter had inquired about their programs so she could raise her SAT scores (she didn't). He said just try out the software and if, for any reason I didn't like it after she had given it a could of hours, I could return it at no charge. He said they would even cover the return shipping costs.

A few days later I received the software and found one of the four discs (the one I really wanted)wouldn't load on my computer. (Mac OS system incompatibility, even AFTER I confirmed with the rep what system I was running.) I called and spoke with Faith (CS lead or Manager?) and she flat refused to pay for the return shipping. I explained their rep promised this and she said it didn't matter, return shipping would never be included. Nonetheless, she said she would check the recording of our call and get back with me.

This she did (to her credit) and told me, yes, the rep did indeed promise return shipping and a full refund of the original cost but I was still responsible for the return shipping as that was "company policy." End result is it cost me $12.00 to ship back a product for whcih I hope to see (at least) a refund of my original purchase price and outbound shipping. We'll see...

In the meantime I would recommend you STAY AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY. They do not back up their employees' promises and utilize agressive and intimidating sales tactics.

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Same exact problem here, come on and all!!! After several phone calls after being told to make my daughter try it I was told I would be charged after the 30 day trial...not the case at all!!!

So today I called armed with an attitude AGAIN, and the woman was more rude than I was (shocker) she just flat out told me take it to the post office and return it and here's your order number and you'll get a refund except for the $30 s/h fee!! Btw my order slip showed s/h was 14.95, we're they talking round trip??? Idk. So as I was sitting in the post office office I called my bank and disputed the $184.80 charge I was to be charged after 30 days.

I'm so glad I hope to be done with them!! STAY AWAY!!!

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