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We originally ordered the Word smart program to help our daughter perform better while taking the SAT testing. We were told that we could cancel at any time and all we need to do was to return any unused disks.

My daughter used the CD for the SAT testing. WordSmart plan stipulates that the WordSmart will increase the test scores a minimum of 200 points or the program was free provided she spends the required amount of time working with the program. This sounded great because an additional 200 points would allow our daughter additional opportunities to apply for other colleges. She had followed through with the appropriate time studying per the agreement. Unfortunately she did not increase her SAT scores more than 200 points after taking a second time. We notified WordSmart of our disappointment and determined that we would return the disk for refund. We forwarded copies of the test scores. Then we received another disk from WordSmart and were billed on my credit card. We again called and notified that we needed to return the disks for credit. They said it was too late and that we had to pay for both disks now. This is nuts!!!!.

First they advertise if the product does not increase the SAT score more than 200 points that there is no charge, then they send another disk and say it is too late.

If you want to help your Child learn, don't do it through this company. It will cost you over $200 and the product doesn't work.


Charles Draper - Seattle

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I too was scammed by WordSmart. How are they allowed to continue to do business?

I never agreed to a monthly purchase. I cancelled my credit card so they can't get anymore of my money.


How many times does this have to happen? In August of 2011 too was told by a "word smart" representative that we could stop payment at anytime and that we would not be charged for any unused disks.

My daughter was completely bored with the program and lost interest after the first initial set sent in Sept 2011. I found out that they continued to charge for disks they were automatically sending to us. I promptly called and cancelled in Novemeber. They continued to send disks and ignored my request.

The customer service staff was rude and unprofessional. Finally, after getting the Discover Card company involved they stopped billing in April 2012, but would not refund my money stating there was no way that to prove we were not using the disks during that period of time. These people are scam artists!!

I will tell everyone I know not to do business with them. Shame on them for doing it on the backs of parents and students trying to prepare for college!


It's not a question of the quality of the product, it's a question of the quality of the company. Product is Ok but not worth the price, the company however is unethical and does not care about its customers and I would advise anyone who would listen not to do business with them. :(


You must be WordSmart hired gunmen. I am another scammed customer, WordSmart used deceptive way charge your credit card for the shipments that you did not order and would not refund when you complain.

They even told me on my face that nobody would care if I disclose what scam they did to me. WordSmart is such a despicable company.

Don't fall for their lies. They just want your credit card numbers to steal money from you.


I agree that wordsmart is a quality company. My child's original score on the ACT was a 29.

Wordsmart promised a 4 point increase and my child got a 32. Even though she recieved a full paid schlorship to Purdue we still recieved a promp refund.

I would recommend this company to anyone. Thumbs up to wordsmart


You guys must be doing something wrong because my daughter increased her score 270. Part of studying is paying attention.

I also have my grade school kids using it and its working great! Thanks wordsmart!

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