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Ordered Wordsmart and then read the negative postings online. Cancelled my order the next day.

I have waited two weeks for my credit card to be refunded, only to get combative remarks from their Customer Service reps saying that they had already issued a refund. They refuse to give me a credit confirmation number and insist that they've sent me my refund information via email. (never received). Credit card company said a refund was never credited.

After threatening to call the Better Business Bureau, customer service started yelling at me on the phone. I hung up, only to have them repeatedly call my home.


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To Rnccb111

I am familiar with your account since I spoke to you in January of this year, so I can speak to your specific complaint. Of course I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with your experience with WordSmart. You placed an order on 1/9/12 and canceled that order on 1/10/12. We refunded your credit card the full billed amount that day, 1/10/12. You then contacted us on 1/17/12 and told us you did not see the refund yet. We apologized and explained that we have no control over how long the bank takes to post a refund but that we would be happy to send you an email confirming the refund was done on our side on 1/10/12. There was some back and forth after that because the emails we sent you came back as undeliverable. A manager called you and offered to fax you the credit confirmation, an offer you declined. The last contact we show on your account is from 1/24/12 when a manager called to check and make sure you did see that refund. Our records show there was no answer at your home.

We would love to get feedback from you and confirm that the transaction date of that refund was 1/10/12, the day you called us to cancel your order. We are very sorry it was such a frustrating situation for you but we did cancel out the order as requested within minutes of your first cancel contact. I’m not sure what else we could have done to help you.

If there’s anything we can do to assist you feel free to contact customer service at 1-800-641-9673. If you confirm a refund was done on 1/10/12 it would be nice if you posted that information.

WordSmart Customer Service


contact your credit card company and dispute the charges. Wordsmart is a well known crooked company

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