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Unless you have no doubts that you will keep this software, DO NOT BUY FROM THIS COMPANY. They will arbitrarily extend the trial time, telling you that you must try the product and answer some basic questions before they will give you the Return Authorization Number (RAN).

NOT TRUE do not let them STONE WALL YOU, demand the RMA number immediately otherwise your run the risk of calling back outside the return policy window. This is their goal and a COMPANY Policy in order to avoid RETURNS. How do I know? Because when I tried to return the product within the original trial period I was told that I must activate the software and provide user feedback in order to receive the RAN, so they extended the trial period several more days.

I did this, but my follow up call was a day late and I was promptly denied the refund. When I protested the Operator told me I had no recourse other to write a letter to the company's board of directors. I then came to find out that I didn't have to answer any questions about the software and that was just a ploy. The Operator was so bold she admitted this when she told me I could have demanded the RAN in the first place.

This was just a means to force customers to keep the software longer and to minimize returns (Something that I suspect is an issue at this company.) What happens then is there is no customer service to call, no manager or supervisor above the operator to speak to, and the operator will be downright RUDE and DISCOUREOUS. BEWARE and BE AFRAID! This is not a company you want to do business with, the product is only average and there are many other better choices on the web to choose from.

Based on poor customer service that I received, I can honestly say that have never dealt with a more corrupt business on line as this one. - Tom Wise (PA)

Monetary Loss: $185.

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