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Wordsmart called one evening and told us that our daughter had shown interest and requested info about their program. She wasn't home so we told them to call back and we would ask her about it.

Well, she had never even heard of this program! They called back and when I told the "lady" that called that we weren't interested she was rude and sarcastic with me. I had to tell her four times to remove our number from their call list and not to call us back again. I have called them back and left a message concerning her attitude, but I'm not really expecting to hear from them about it.

Also, they have called us several times and when we answer there isn't anybody on the line.

I don't know for sure, but this really seems like a scam. I can tell you one thing for sure, even if I did want this program I wouldn't buy it after the way I was just treated!!

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I can agree with Sminichols...Today (3/12/2012) I had called to inquire about an item that my uncle had purchased for my sons...the customer service lady was extremely rude and told me that there was no one else, no supervisor, no one except her to answer my questions. Well if this is the way they treat their customers then I seriously hope they go BANKRUPT. THEY DONT DESERVE TO BE IN ANY BUSINESS.

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