My name is David Kay. I am the principle stockholder, President, and founder of

WordSmart and would like to respond to your comments.

I would like to apologize for any problems or inconvenience that we may have caused for you and your family. However, I believe there are some common issues that many of you have complained about that should be clarified.

The first issue I would like to explain arises from our 30 day guarantee. This all-your-money-back-guarantee is there to allow ample time to review the product and develop a routine where your student is consistently using the product; recommended two to three 20 to 30 minute sessions per week. It is stated several times in our literature pack that comes with the software that you have 30 days to try the product. It is also stated in our presentation to you on the phone and your acknowledgment is recorded and saved for the life of our contract with you and your family. Often your student does not have time or want to use the product. In this case the student is missing out on the most powerful

test prep material available. But if you can not cajole, persuade or encourage them just

return it within 30 days and the full money-back-guarantee applies. However, even if you forget to call within the 30 day limit there is another guarantee backing up the first one that is also a full money-back-guarantee. If your student fails to increase his or her score by 200 points on the SAT and 4 points on the ACT only having used the product for 20 hours we will issue a full refund. We are the only company that offers two full money back guarantees. Beyond these guarantees and if your student still isn't using WordSmart, the best solution for 90% of students is to get a credit for your entire purchase and place it towards the WordSmart Pro online course. For a small monthly fee this takes the burden of scheduling, coaching and tutoring from the parent and assigns a professional prep tutor to your student. The cost is modest, you can try it for free for 30 days, and the guarantee is even better- 300 points on the SAT and 6 points on the ACT. *

The second issue I would like to tackle is continuity; additional WordSmart volumes of escalating difficulty are sent out monthly as part of the WordSmart course. WordSmart consists of 10 volumes labeled A-J. Volume A starts with the easiest words about average 4th grade level and the series ends with our 10th volume, Volume J which is Ph.D. level words. The SAT / ACT words span from volume C through F. while our guarantee is honored for 20 hours on any volume, in studying for the SAT or ACT it is optional to use more than one volume. Therefore, we send the next harder volume each month until we get a call to pause or stop. Most families like to have all volumes for their library and additional college entrance exams in the future i.e. GRE, LSAT, MCAT. This, again, is explained several times in our literature and in a recorded confirmation when your credit card number is first given. Any misunderstanding are easily cleared up by calling customer service and reviewing the recordings and your account information.

Regardless, we at WordSmart are always willing to accommodate our customers within our legal limits.

Thank you for the opportunity to clear up any misunderstandings you may have had with WordSmart.


David Kay

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David Kay is a *** artist dont believe his lies.

La Habra, California, United States #733389

cannot get them to stop calling

Manchester, New Hampshire, United States #724996

I am getting calls from them too. But, in all fairness, my daughter did enter some information on a website and check some boxes about being interested in information like this.

The number WordSmart is calling me on is unpublished and tere is really no other way they could have gotten it. So despite that we're on the DNC I can't fault WordSmart if my daughter requested the contact. And unlike the other complaints here I thought the caller was fairly innocuous, polite, and not at all pushy. I havent purchased anything so I cant speak to their guarantee or the quality of their program, but the response from Mr Kay seems pretty reasonable to me, and a lot more professional and succinct than most of the whiny posts here.

Its pretty short money for the material, and if they honor their guarantee even a little it puts them head and shoulders above other direct marketing outfits. The course may or may not be right for us, my kid has a 4.2 GPA and studies obsessively so it may be difficult to increase her SAT scores by 200 points since I fully expect her to get close to perfect scores without it.

But that certainly isnt WordSmart's failing. Just my 2cents.

Denver, Colorado, United States #699319

My mother (who at one time lived with us and shared a phone line) just received a call asking for my daughter by first name. When she asked who it was they refused to give their name, from what company they were calling from or the purpose of the call. With so many horrible child predators out there this is NOT a good way to obtain business and I am appalled.


David Kay: If you want to "accomodate" people, you should have your aggressive, effeminate male staff to stop cold calling for sales; I'm on the DNC list yet your co. has called my house 3x a week for the past month.


We did not ask for your call. Your aggressive agent demanded personal information.

Your are a criminal organization composed of thugs and ***-artists.

Mr. Kay - kindly go screw yourself!


Mr. Kay, if we wanted your product in the first place, we'd come to you. Phone harassment won’t sell anything.

An insincere, form letter apology with a long-winded sales pitch is no apology and doesn’t solve the problem of your company’s violation of the Do Not Call list or the excessive number calls per day.

We’re not interested and we don’t want your phone call. It’s that simple. Put that MBA to good use and think!


Dear Mr. Kay,

We did not in any way request information about your product, nor did we purchase anything from your company, nor did we sign anything that provided your company our cellular and home telephone numbers, nor do we have any children at home.

Our numbers are registered with the "Do Not Call" registry, yet this appears to be meaningless to your company. For the past month we've been receiving multiple calls from 858-200-0194, during all hours of the day and evening, including twice after 9:30pm.

Such actions by your company are unconscionable. Please be advised that I will be sending the dates & times of these calls in a formal complaint to the FTC, FCC and the NV Attorney General's office.


I just spent 20 minutes on the phone with Lisa, customer service rep, who has worked for the company for 10 years and who has no desire to help customers. I ordered the cd over the phone because they told me my son had asked for it.

When I spoke with him he had no idea what I was talking about, but since he is a teen I thought he might be mistaken--I was soooo wrong. I too agreed to a free 30 day trial tutoring. I was told that if I wanted to continue there would be a cost and to let them know if we wanted to continue. They told me the tutor would go over all of this with us.

We never heard from the tutor or wordsmart again..and with the end of school (we ordered on April 17) I never followed up because my son took the SAT and ACT without the tutoring occurring. Now I'm being billed for something we aren't receiving!! She told me it doesn't matter that we aren't getting tutoring, we have to pay anyway. I asked to speak to a supervisor and she said there is no one above her and the president doesn't take calls...I wasn't asking for the president I was asking for her supervisor.

Apparently, she is the final word in this company! She told me my agreement is on tape and they will review it--I asked to hear it and she said that wasn't an option! I'm sorry but if I'm not getting what you are charging me for, I'm not paying for it.

This company is not customer friendly and does not want to retain customers or get customer referrals. I am a high school teacher and every single student and parent in my community will know to never order a thing from them--that I will guarantee.


They won't quit calling me and when I do pick up and ask where I can find some information on the internet, they hang up!


How about the fact that nobody in my house asked to be contacted by your company AND each caller has been told to remove the number as we are NOT interested AND are on the do not call list AND never asked your company or any affiliates to contact us. For over a month now I have asked your reps to stop calling and remove our number yet they still call.

I block the number they are calling from and they call from another. I am going to file a lawsuit if it does not stop.


I received WordSmart for my daughter over a month ago but with our busy schedule we haven't had the chance to logon or to start working on the program. I called the number that was given to me the day I purchased the program and I keep getting a message your call can not go through at this time, try again later.

I have read a lot of reviews about this product and it make me sick to know that people are out there ripping us off. I am afraid to use this program now and it is too late for me to return it. Another thing when we did logon it ask for a 20 digit Activation code which I never received one. That is the reason I was calling to get my activation code but if they our going to keep charging my account I don't want the activation code either.

I think they should be reported to the Better Business Bureau.

I just hope they don't charge my account for future products. I don't want anymore products from WordSmart.



25 Market Street  Trenton, NJ 08611

(609) 292-4925

wordsmart corporation

10025 Mesa Rim Road

San Diego,CA 92121

Dear sirs, (case # 040010763B, Word-smart case #1013435779)

At the time of purchase of word-smart Id#1531933. The salesman WAS TOLD , I did not want any further issues. He then told me to call back to cancel any further issues.

I told him again, I did not want any further issues, I just want the initial Kit,

Why should I call back to cancel further issues, this does not make any sense.

He was adamant, so I drop the issue and processed payment, Knowing full well that what he was requesting of me was not binding nor legal, and if legal not lawful ,So I thought.

This tactic that word-smart is using has to be in violation of US trade practices.

How can a company bill a consumer for subsequent issues that I did not ask for, and at the time of purchase, specifically told the salesman, that I did not want further issues. I believe the phone conversation between the salesman, and me was recorded. If so, Please review and respond back promptly.

I want to make an example of this company. I believe there are numerous complaints about this practice. This tactic should be looked into, and investigated by the Attorney General Office. I don't believe this tact is either legal or law-full.

P.S I Don't even know whether or not word-smart forward me the CD that they are billing me for. Will somebody look into the matter, and advise if this Hotly contested CD was ever shipped.




SAYREVILLE, NJ. 08872-1643


I would like to hear you respond to the fact that your salespeople are liars. The lady that called me told me that my daughter specifically asked to be contacted and that is the ONLY reason I bought the product.

My daughter had never heard of your product before and your salespeople are dishonest and not forthcoming about the charges and expectations of what is coming. Just sell the product, even if it means lying, that's what you are about


I am sorry but we have no record of you in our database or any one in Sterling, Ill. Please call my office at 858-565-8068 ext 199.

We would like to hear from you and try to resolve any problems.


David Ksy


Why do you make it so hard to return the product. I think you play on people and then stick it to them.

You get that first $200 and then don't care if we come back for more. You got your $200 and your happy with that. Everytime I have called in I am on hold for right at 15 min. and then someone answers.

Do you have a timer set to answer after 15 min hopeing that we will have given up by then? I am going to report your company to the BBB for making it so hard to return the product.

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