The Office for both WordSmart & Smart Prep center. The "BUILDING" name is still WordSmart! The Gen Manager for both companies is Gina Payne 619-278-8161 is her mobile number... if you want a refund start there... or drive by the phone-room/office,

Business Hours - Customer Service

Monday - Friday 8:00am to 5pm

Business Hours - Sales

• Monday - Friday 7:30am to 9pm

• Saturday - 8am to 6pm

• Address: 10025 Mesa Rim Dr.

•San Diego, Ca. 92025

• Phone: 1 855-366-9771 ---Wordsmart & Smartprep

They play on words and confuse the consumer and are the only company that I know of that actively reviews recordings and has their "Board of Directors" reviewing each complaint.

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SmartPrep is a SCAM software company that tricks you into buying the software for the SAT practice. This software does not have the minimal requirements for practicing for the SAT.

They also charge your credit card company for other CDs that they send to you without your approval to be charged. Complaints are covered with a lot of lies, like the board of directors, the tape of your conversation that does not exist.

Do not buy anything from this company. BIG SCAMMERS!!

Lakeside, California, United States #880332

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Ramona, California, United States #874850

Smartprep is a scam, Do not get involved. After a hard sell we agreed to try it for 30 days, it was during the summer and we did not even open the package.

When I call a few days after the trial period, Valerie ID#2014, rudely told me that it was too bad. There is no way they are going to refund any money.

To top it off they had sent another CD, that they will not refund either. STAY FAR AWAY FROM THIS COMPANY!!

to Scheib #891277

Scheib -- The same happened to me, SMART PREP IS A complete SCAM!!

You can complain to the General Attorney's Office by phone 916-322-3360.

Consumers Affairs CA 1800-952-5210.

Better Business Bureau CA 858-496-2131.

Nicholson, Georgia, United States #819907

Hi. I am interested if you ended up getting a refund from calling Gina Payne's mobile number. Thanks.

to Anonymous Raleigh, North Carolina, United States #905835

I called, and all she would say is to call the office. I wonder if she gets sick of people calling her cell phone.

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