Purchased Wordsmart SAT prep after a phone salescall. Decided we did not want the tutorial portion of the package and attempted to cancel.

Customer service argued we were not allowed to cancel the tutoring, but after pressing them they said we could cancel for a fee of $150. Advised us to fax aletter to the board of directors requesting the cacellation and possibly waiving the fee. Didnt hear back from them, and another months payment of $88 dollars removed from our account. Contacted customer service again asking them again to cancel ourtutoring contract effective the date of our first faxed request.

They denied this request saying it would not be posted as cancelled until they recieved our $150 dollars.

Argued with us throughout the process, and clearly had no concern for customer satisfaction. It appeared there only motive was to stall us as long as possible so the greatest amount of money could be taken from our account.

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We too have heard the same story as people above and were told that we could not cancel without paying $150. They are the only company that I know of that reviews recordings. Which should tell you something.

In my case, they reviewed the recording and agreed that their sales person said that our tutoring trial "could be extended to 60 days" and that he did not promise that. So when I called on 37th day to cancel, they charged me $150. Which company you know of has their Board of Directors reviewing the recordings.

They play on words and are a scam. Their customer service is ZERO. Avoid them - use a local tutor to help your child. WordSmart needs to improve their customer service if they want to survive!


Here is the letter I sent to their customer service dept:

I received a call from one of your salespeople today, and politely informed her this was not a good time. She then demanded to know why this why not a good time, and continued to do so repeatedly.

Obviously not the type of representation that is going to get you new clients. The number she called from was 703-458-7785.

Do not contact us any further, and please note that a copy of this letter has been saved to report to the Attorney General if we are contacted again. Thank you for your cooperation in this matter.


To Anonymous,

I am sorry to hear that you were not happy with your WordSmart tutoring program. All of our customers do not order the tutoring service, a program which does include a commitment to five months of payments if the trial is passed. Many of our orders are for the WordSmart computer disks only, meaning they do not get the personalized one on one tutoring that comes along with our tutoring program. In the case of a non tutoring program, disk only order, there is no commitment to make five monthly payments.

Since you ordered our tutoring program however you are correct, if you pass your 30 day trial you are committing to the tutoring and to the five monthly payments. This is something that is clearly explained to all of our tutoring customers at the time of order on a recorded sales call. You were informed in writing in your first package of this commitment as well. Our customer service department was available until 5:00 pm Pacific Standard Time every business day at 1-800-641-9673 should our customers have any question regarding their evaluation time or the payments that will process after their trial.

During the 30 days you would have received several contacts and/or attempted contacts from our tutoring department as well which would remind you that you were participating in that tutoring service. Our tutoring students receive personalized study plans once they complete the practice SAT or ACT test that we provide. Our students are able to get up to two tutoring sessions per week. In addition to these live tutor sessions they get access to hundreds of practice test questions. One on one tutoring usually costs $50 or more an hour so getting a free month of tutoring is a great savings for any family who wants to see if they like our program. If the family does not want to participate in the tutoring and make the five payments they only need to contact customer service during their trial period and inform us of their cancel request. Then there will be no billings for that month of tutoring, none at all. If you passed your trial without canceling then yes, you would be committed to those payments, something you were informed of both verbally and in writing.

We do give our tutoring customers the option of opting out of the program even after the trial with a one time cancellation fee of $150. This information was also given in writing in your first package. We offer this as a courtesy so our customers will not be locked in to the full amount they originally agreed to. Or if our customers feel they did not get to take advantage of our tutoring service during their first 30 days and they pass that trial we are always happy to work with our customers and give them extra tutoring sessions to make sure they get to take full advantage of the tutoring program.

If you wrote to our Board of Directors then you can call our customer service department for a response to your letter and an account review. When you were given the option of writing the Board of Directors you were also told to call within the next couple weeks for a response. You were not told we would be calling you back so I’m sorry if you were waiting on a return call. If you contact customer service now at 1-800-641-9673 a response should be noted on your account.

Our motive is not to stall; our motive is to provide the service that was originally agreed to. If you feel you missed out on tutoring during your trial period we are happy to make up for that with extra tutoring sessions. The option of writing the Board of Directors is given so we can have the opportunity to review your original sales call and make sure the parameters of your order were correctly explained. If the call recording shows that you were not informed of the five month billing commitment then we can waive the cancellation fee for you.

Again, I am sorry to hear that you were frustrated with your order but we would be happy to review your sales call and your account. I have heard hundreds of sales calls and our sales representatives are always very clear on the parameters of the orders they make. But if something happened on your account where the future billings were not made clear we would love the opportunity to fix the situation for you.

In response to Mary, just as I informed Anonymous above, your account should be noted with your Board of Directors response and account review by now. If it was not made clear that you have to call back for this review I apologize. It sounds like you are saying however that you did agree to a trial period and then you passed that trial. If that is the case then a refund will probably not be authorized. We do have a return policy to comply with, just like most other retail outlets do. If a product is returned after the agreed upon 30 day trial has expired that product is not refundable. Our customer service phone number is 1-800-641-9673; please call if we can be of any assistance.

WordSmart Customer Service


I wish I had read these before I ordered. Same story...they called me said my son inquired.

Fell for the trial period. Will not refund my money. Wrote the board of directors, haven't heard back, writing again. I'm ready to make it a bigger deal.

How can I do that?

You Tube video of a disgruntled customer. At the very least, I'll tell everyone I can.

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