Beware of Word Smart computer software! They Bait Parents into thinking your child has inquired about their SAT computer software.

Word Smart Preys on Parents by lying and unautorized use of your credit card. They will call you you telling you your child has inquired information either at school or online.

They will also tell you your child is interested in their future being accecpted into college. Do not believe them they are liars. You can order the software and if you change your mind they will cancel at anytime all Lies!

I placed my order on 12/16/2011 spoke to my daughter about this. She had never even heard of Smart Word software much less inquired about them. I called back on 12/17/2011 cancelled my order and take me off the calling list. I told them directly not to Charge my Credit Card.

2 weeks later my credit was charged $169.80 without my authorization. Can we say Identity Theft. Then I recieved a statement on 2/20/2012 from Word Smart. Stating my credit card declined the charge in the amount of $57.90 .

Thats right, it did decline the unauthorized use of my card. I cancelled Word Smart from my end. I then called Word Smart spoke to Ellie #1428 this time I wrote down who I was dealing with. Remember this is suppose to be a recorded call.

I explained what had happened and she told me I never called and cancelled. I have My phone records with the number, date ,time and duration of the call. Ellie #1428 told me to bad its not showing I called. I asked for the name and ID# of her supervisor.

She gave the name Faith # 1164. I then ask to speak with her. I was told no. Ellie # 1428 would not let me talk to her supervisor.

I asked her again to transfer me to her supervisor Faith #1164 and once again I was told no and she started laughing at me.

I was told to write a letter to the company and she hung up on me. My advise to anyone this companywill Lie and Steal from you.

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User 301155,

I am sorry to hear you were not happy with your WordSmart experience. We do not call parents and lie about their students, WordSmart calls the parents of students who expressed interest in getting help preparing for their upcoming SAT or ACT exams. This interest is usually expressed online or at a college career day at school. We contact the parents and give them the opportunity to evaluate our product for a 30 day trial.

Unfortunately I do not have your account information so can’t look up what happened on your account and address the specific issues you’ve mentioned. From your complaint it sounds as if you had a post dated order, meaning you asked for your order to be processed at a later date from the day you spoke to our representative. Very few of our orders are processed this way. Usually a sale is processed during the initial contact with the sales representative so an account will immediately be created in our system and all customer service contacts can be tracked. If an order is post dated we do not have an account created yet and so cannot track the customer service contacts. Unfortunately, this would mean we wouldn’t have record of that first contact you mentioned on 12/17/11.

If we receive any cancellation requests for post dated orders of course we do forward them to our sales department. If you had canceled a post dated order and it was still processed I apologize, this is certainly not the norm. If we ended up charging your card and not canceling the order that would mean we also sent a product to your home. All of our products are sent Priority mail so we can track them and confirm their delivery. You would have received our product shortly after the day your credit card was charged. All products are sent for a 30 day trial so if you were not happy with this shipment and wanted the order canceled we only needed to be contacted at 1-800-641-9673 and we could have given you return instructions.

If you are stating that your card was billed and you did not receive a product please contact us so we can rectify the situation. If you are saying that your card was billed and you did receive the product but did not return the product or contact us until after your 30 day trial then unfortunately we would not be able to authorize any refunds. We have a return policy like any other business and like most businesses our policy is based on time. If you passed the 30 day time period the product would no longer be refundable.

Again, without your specific account information I can’t pull up your account but if you call us at 1-800-641-9673 we would be happy to review your tracking information and account contacts. We have all customer service contacts recorded from when an account is added forward.

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File a dispute with your credit card company or bank

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