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Billed for a dvd which I never received. Called 7 times and was on hold for over 30 min each time.

Billed for another cd called.

Was on hold for 42 min before someone answered. They told me I received the cd a month ago. (never received) Told me it must have been lost in mail not their problem. I asked to cancel subscription and refund the cd I never received.

They refused. Said they would send it out again. Asked to refund the charge on my account today.

They said no even though it was not shipped yet. They charge before shipped?

Monetary Loss: $200.

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Same thing happened to me. I did not cancel before the 30 day which is fine.

I received a disc today. I requested to cancel. they charged me for the one I received today as well as an additional one I never received last month. they will not refund me for the one I never received and will send me a replacement which I refused.

They said any discs sent out cannot be returned and I will not receive a refund. I requsted to hear my initial phone call. They said they would call in 1-2 days so I can hear it.

I wish I looked at the reviews. After I agreed to order it, my son said he never requested the product.

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